Root Legends On Newbury: Fact Sheet

June 14, 2018

Opening on June 15, the Roots Legends Shop provides an immersive sensory experience, highlighting our company heritage and showcasing the heart and soul of the Roots brand.

Here’s a rundown of the moving pieces that brought the space to life, by the numbers:
● 400 salt and pepper shakers
● 420 sq. ft of Salt and Pepper wallpaper
● 222 Handcrafted Leather Bags
● 85 Roots Awards Jackets
● 3,600 feet, of 36 colours, of Our Favourite Fleece
● 650 yards of yarn
● 800 pairs of Roots Cabin Socks
● 500 sweatshirts
● 200 Cabin-sock clad foot forms
● 4, 8-foot Roots Cooper Beaver logo signs
● 1,000 hangers
● 1 Handcrafted Canadian-made canoe

Heritage Item Facts:
● The first Roots product, the Negative Heel Shoe, was created in 1973
● On August 15, 1973 the first Roots store opened in Toronto by our Co-Founders Don Green and Michael Budman with one product, the negative heel shoe; they sold 7 pairs of shoes.
● Salt and Pepper Sweats have been known for their legendary comfort and worn by people far and wide since 1973.
● Each of our leather bags passes through the hands of no less than 40 expert artisans in our Toronto leather factory.
● Roots was an official outfitter to the U.S. Olympic Team from 2002 to 2006
● A Banff bag is constructed out of 42 pieces of hand-buffed leather, constructed and stitched by hand.
● The 62,000 sq. ft factory in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, houses the production of all Roots leather jackets, leather luggage and bags
● The Roots Awards Jacket has been a staple since 1979; the leather for each jacket is cut by hand, and takes approximately 3 hours to complete from start to finish. Exclusive to the Newbury and Natick Roots locations we have added additional options to customize your Boston or Natick jacket
● The patches are made of chenille (a high looped stitch) and created by hand with traditional machinery in Toronto.

Elyse Goody, Roots Manager of PR
Chantal Chretien, Roots Ambassador, US